Things to remember when going to Asia

Asia is a beautiful region, a paradise vast and wide that attracts almost 300 million tourists every year, according to the World Tourism rankings. Home to many different cultures and landscapes, as well as astonishing contrasts, this continent can give you an unforgettable time as a travel destination.

If you’re traveling anywhere inside Asia, keep in mind these tips to make your trip the most enjoyable possible.

Bring cash with you

Throughout Asia, cash is the preferred payment method almost everywhere: in some places, cash is all they accept. Besides your credit or debit  card, make sure you always bring with you enough cash just in case, because you never know when you might need it and if you’re in a foreign country it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Be ready to enjoy new food

Asian gastronomy is extremely different from what you might be used to eat overseas, and this is a consequence of the many cultures that coexist throughout the region. Expect a lot of rice, ginger, soy and tofu, as well as curry and exotic spices. Depending on your destination, some varieties of insects may also be on the menu. Don’t be afraid to try out these plates!

Learn basic words and phrases

Asian people speak a wide amount of languages and dialects, incorporating idioms and region-specific expressions. Before traveling, spend some time practicing basic words and phrases in your destination’s language, to make sure you get your thoughts across if you’re unable to speak your native tongue with someone.


Speaking the local tongue is also useful, as it might let you find new places and offers unavailable to other tourists!

Public transport is a cheap alternative

If you want to move from one place to another inside Asia, consider public transport, specifically buses. Taking a bus in Asia might not be the most luxurious experience but they are cheaper than other methods of transportation, and as they ride through the countryside you will get to see another face of the Asian landscape.

Prepare to enjoy the most amazing sights!

Finally, be ready to enjoy breathtaking sights and places! All of Asia is a heaven on Earth, with a perfect balance of nature and human structures thanks to the work of landscape designer throughout the ages. Bring your camera with you and enjoy your visit to Asia!